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Here you can read information about the characters of DBZ!!


Here are the saiyan biographies!!

As a baby son goku was sent to destroy earth. He was found by Master Rocci and was knocked out during a fall and forgot his destiny. He now has two sons, Gohan and Goten, and has a wife named Chi Chi. He saved the world many times from destruction andsaved many lives. He died twice and was wished back by the dragon once but the second time he refused because he knew everybody who came to destroy earth was sent to kill him so he stayed in order to save the earth.


As a young boy Gohan was adopted by Goku and his wife Chi Chi. He is also a saiyan and didn't know his destiny so grew up to save the lives on earth. He destroyed the perfect Cell as a young boy and grew up to be an untrained student. He stopped training and started school, because no one threatened the earth in seven years. When he fought Majin Buu he was un-trained and lost his battle.


Goku and Chi Chi's first real son, grew up to be just like Goku ang Gohan. He turned super saiyan at a very young age.
Chi Chi trained him while Gohan was at school without him knowing. Gohan found out when he was training with him by haveing Goten chuck rocks at him so he could dodge them then he turned super saiyan. Gohan could barely even dodge them they were flying at him so fast. Gohan soon taght him how to fly because Chi Chi couldn't teach him that.


Vageta was sent to earth to kill Goku, gather all seven dragonballs, and have the wish to have eternal life so it would be impossible to kill him and take over the universe. He was not succesfull on his journey and was defeated by Goku. Goku let him escape Krillin killing him so he flew in a space capsule to planet Namek. He started killing again with no trouble but Frieza, his naw leader. Frieza was known as ruler of the universe and when he had the six dragonballs Vageta stole them and teamed up with Goku and the Z fighters to find the last one. Thats how Vageta became a big help to the Z fighters and trained to be the first super saiyan. Goku beat him to it though so he trained and once again became the saiyan prince. But then Vageta beat him to super saiyan 2. it was not much longer until Goku once again beat him to it. He trained so hard and didn't even get to fight the perfect Cell. Goku's son Gohan destroyed Cell before he even got to fight. Later on into the Buu saga Vageta used a self destruct to kill Majin Buu but he regenerates to be just as powerfull as before. Now he rests in hell.


Trunks is Vageta and Bulma's first son. As a baby he tried being like his father but was too young, he didn't even understand what he was doing, he just tried doing what he always saw his father do, which is fight. He grew to be a young boy and always trained with Vageta. He always wanted to save the world and fight like his dad. His best friend is Goten and thay are always together. Then before his father died Vageta knocked him and Goten out because they would not leave. He had Piccolo take him as far as he could.


Future Trunks
During the end of the Frieza saga he traveled through a time machine to warn the Z fighters about two androids destroying earth. He and Gohan were the only survivors from his time so he was sent to save his future. He stayed and protected earth untill Cell was defeated and Android 18 was revived. He then traveled back to his time to destroy Cell and have everything back to normal.

Here are the rest of the Z fighter's biographies!!

One of Goku's old enemies, Piccolo just started helping him when Raditz stole Gohan. He trained him to control his powers. He grew to like Gohan and the gang and became a Z fighter. When Vagita was fighting Gohan he made a human sacrafice to save him. He is now a faithful warrior from the planet Namek. He dedicated his life to saveing the planet earth.


Krillen trained and grew up with Goku as a kid. He wasn't always nice and was sometimes a cheap shot but he and Goku got along just fine. They fought together in the World Martial Arts Tournament many times. Krillen helps out in fights and does his best to save the world when he is needed.


Yamcha was Goku's enemy as a teen. He fought in the World Martial Arts Tournament many times but lost every time. He grew up with Goku, Krillen, and Bulma. He helps out a lot and is very careful with what he's doing. Soon he just gave up fighting because he thought he was so weak but in my opinion he really helped in the Cell saga!!